How do I get started?

Fill out our Request A Quote Form!

Book a 10 minute call to see if your niche/area is available. We can only work with ONE business in each local area.  For example, if you are a dentist in Houston TX and we already are working with a dentist there then, we would not be able to work with you.

How long does it take to see ranking results?
It depends on the current authority for your business in Google local search.  Some clients are ranking in the top 10 local search results when they start while some don’t even have a GMB listing yet.  But regardless of where you start you will see the improvements within the first 1-3 months.
How do payments work after the free trial?
All clients get the first 10 days of service free with no obligation to prove it works.  After that the price is $145/week paid 30 days at a time with no contract.  This means you can cancel at any time. Payments are all handled online thru Paypal only (client covers paypal fee).  After the 1st month you will be able to clearly see this service working for you and producing business.  If for any reason it is not? You can cancel.
What will you need from me to start the 10 day free trial?

Here’s a just a few of the standard things we need to get started with your local SEO campaign:

  • admin access to your Google My Business listing
  • if you don’t have a GMB listing, we’ll create and verify one for you
  • added as a user / or access to your website
There are things that can come up during the setup, but we’ll communicate with you from start to finish!
Do you have long term contracts?
No, it is 30 days at a time no contract.  This is better for you and for us.  We have to earn your business 30 days at a time.
Do you offer money back guarantees?
No, we do not offer money back guarantees nor do we offer any guarantee on a specific rankings for your business.Also, we do not have any money back guarantees on our services.  Since we do not have long term contracts, you can request to cancel anytime.  Once you cancel, we will immediately stop all future payments and we will finish out the current 30 day period.
What exactly do you do?
The objective is to increase your presence, rankings, and productivity from Google Maps.  There are several processes we go through to optimize your local presence, but a lot of this work consists of posting daily, cleaning, syncing, and distributing your local business data.  We also do things like integrate Schema markup and optimize the meta data of your website.  You will get daily exposure from GMB posts.
Do you optimize my website?
Yes, we will optimize the metadata of your homepage or the location page for your targeted geographic market.  We also integrate Schema markup into your website in order to optimize your site at a more granular level for your products, services, and location.
Do you provide monthly reports?
You’ll receive what we call a Local Productivity Report each month that will show you productivity data such as:
  • phone calls
  • website visits
  • direction requests
  • non-branded search volume
  • branded search volume
  • total views (impressions) in Google search
  • total views (impressions) in Google Maps